The Lighting Revolution

When did your lighting last get an update?

Do illuminance and light quality meet current requirements?

Are you using the potential of light to promote the efficiency and well-being of your employees?

Who takes care of your lighting?

How will you achieve the level of energy efficiency required in the future?

Do you know how much money you spent on electricity and maintenance for lighting last year?

Environments are gaining dynamism with digitalization

Since the invention of the LED, light is becoming more effective and efficient. The end of this rapid technological revolution is still a long way away. But despite all this dynamism, it is still possible to keep pace with technology – without investing in fixed assets or other resources.

Only pay for the service

Investing in Lighting as a Service (LaaS) protects you from a loss in asset value because the basis of our service is not about selling luminaires, but about guaranteeing future lighting performance. With LaaS, you will get the most efficient solution of the day. Our specialists will then regularly perform on-site inspections to ensure optimal operation and to implement new functionalities as soon as these are proven to deliver added value.

The Benefits

Today’s modern lighting will already be outdated by tomorrow. LaaS frees you from the need to buy lighting. You can get lighting as a service from SEOS.

Flexible – Off into a dynamic future with the security of an expert lighting partner

We live in an age where light is subject to fast-paced technological change. Luminaire efficiency is increasing all the time. The influence of light on the natural rhythm of humans has now been scientifically proven. The best remedy for outdated lighting is highly flexible and continuous management of lighting. With SEOS, you get a partner which makes use of its knowledge of lighting, to accompany you on the path to innovative concepts well beyond lighting.

Carefree – Sustainable efficiency comes from comprehensive, expert service

Efficient light is a strategic milestone for your energy management. Leave it to the experts: With our Partners, we plan lighting solutions based on the latest technological standards, provide professional installation services, monitor the operation of lighting installations, and continuously identify potential for improvements and savings. Our service guarantees the functionality and energy efficiency of your lighting into the future.

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