About Benefits Not Products

You can upgrade your lighting systems, improve the light quality, and reduce energy consumption without the need for any capital expenditures and the tough choices that arise during the budgeting process. This is how it works. 

Enjoy instant benefits and reduce your facility OpEx starting from day one. Lighting as a Services can fast-track your lighting upgrade project while eliminating the fiscal constraints that can stop a lighting project before it is even conceptualized. Humali will pay all costs involved in auditing, engineering and installing new energy-efficient lighting.

Using 50+% less energy, LED lights will produce brighter, clearer light. LED lights contain NO hazardous materials, don’t flicker or strobe, and are completely recyclable.

Humali will conduct a complete audit of all your existing lights. Your input is very important during this process. We want to make sure all your wishes and concerns are taken into consideration so that we can propose a solution that is tailored to your needs. We’ll gather all the details of your operating patterns and discover where you need lighting upgrades in order to produce optimum conditions.

​A tailored report will be presented that will:

  • Give insights into the cost of operating and maintaining your current lighting system
  • Recommend lighting upgrades
  • Show potential savings and
  • Quote a monthly service fee

If the numbers look attractive and you wish to proceed, we’ll carefully review all the assumptions we used. Then a final Lighting Services Proposal and Service Contract will be presented.

After approval, you will be informed of the anticipated delivery and installation dates which will be coordinated with you to minimize any disruptions. Once the entire new lighting system is installed and operating, the monthly payment starts.

​During the contract period, Humali will own and maintain the lighting system. At the end of the contract period, you own the lighting system and continue long term savings on your utility payments. There is also the possibility of extending your contract with us at a reduced fee.

Humali maintains ownership and maintenance responsibility for the lighting system. For the life of the Service Agreement, we will provide 100% of all replacements for failed lights at no cost.

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