Do you know the different types of Lighting?

Pendant Lights

If you are currently looking to change the look and feel of your Lighting system, and are interested in learning more about the three main types of lighting to choose from, let’s discuss the three main types of Lighting.

Ambient lighting is one of the most common forms of lighting found in homes and is designed to provide a sufficient amount of lighting to individuals without being too unpleasant on the eyes. While ambient lighting is the preferred method of lighting for lounging and creating a warm and welcoming environment, it may not be suitable during instances where a greater amount of light is necessary for the task at hand.

Some common form of ambient lighting are:
– Wall sconces: commonly seen in hallways, living rooms, and even in lowly lit dining areas. Wall sconces come in an assortment of shapes, styles, and sizes, which make them a versatile light fixture for your home’s interior.
– Pendant lighting: generally found in kitchens and dining areas, pendant lighting is designed to hang from your ceiling and looks great while spanning dining tables and kitchen counter tops. Chandeliers are also an example of ambient lighting that can be hung to add a greater level of sophistication.
– Recessed lighting: True to its name, a recessed light fixture is housed within your ceiling so that the fixture is flush with the ceiling itself. They provide an excellent source of light in kitchens, dining and living areas, as well as bedrooms, and can provide an extra touch of elegance.

While ambient lighting may be exceptional for gently illuminating large areas, it does not provide enough light to draw attention to certain places that you may want to highlight. Accent lighting, is capable of bringing the most unique features of an area to life. This type of lighting can be used as a means for lighting both interior and exterior areas, and is designed to catch anyone’s attention.


Some common forms of accent lighting include:
– Spotlighting: a popular method for lighting artwork, photos, and other points of interest in a certain place, as it has the ability to surround an area with dramatic shadowing while completely illuminating the focal point in question.
– Landscape lighting: commonly used during exterior lighting projects when trying to improve your landscape. If your exterior is surrounded by lush foliage, beautiful trees, or a breathtaking water feature, you can easily improve your landscape by showcasing these items with accent lighting.
– Wall lighting: used to draw attention to an unique architecture that can create a warm and welcoming environment. It is important to note that you should be strategic when choosing where to place your wall lighting, such as alongside fireplaces and bookcases, so that you can easily achieve the intended look and feel that you desire.

Ambient and accent lighting are both useful methods for lighting specific areas. However, there may come a time where neither type of lighting is able to provide you with sufficient light while reading, writing, or doing your favorite activities. Luckily, task lighting is commonly used as a way to provide a concentrated source of light for the times when you are hard at work.

Vanity Mirror Light

Some common forms of task lighting include:
– Lamps: If you read frequently before bed, you have experienced task lighting firsthand. Bedside lamps are an excellent example of how task lighting can help make common tasks much easier.
– Vanity: commonly seen next to bathroom mirrors, as applying makeup or shaving requires that a great deal of light illuminates your face without causing any shadowing.

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