Hot water up to 140F, under all
weather conditions, at a fraction of the cost

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Reduce hot water bill in your condominium,
hotel, or industry with ENERGIE
Thermodynamic Solar System

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A solution for every size
100L – 6000L

Hugo Domingues, business director at
Energie GCC, shows off the compact
solar installation, capable of heating
45 000 liters of water a day, on the
roof of the Radisson Blu on Yas Island
in Abu Dhabi

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Better than traditional solar water heaters

Solar System Energie System
Works Only With Sun Works With Sun, Wind, Air, Rain or Even at Night
Average Overall Year Performance High Overall Year Performance
Solar Panel Made of Glass and Other Materials Solar Panel Made of Aluminum = no Glass or Fragile Materials
Solar Collector Short Life Span When Installed in Salty or High Humiduty Environments Solar Panel Passed 20 Years Salty Environment Exposure Test = Longer Life
Solar Collector Performance Decrease With Dirt = Effeciency Drop = Cleaning Required Solar Panel With Hydrophobic Flexible Painting Performs Auto-Cleaning
Solar Collector Performance Decrease With Time Performance Does Not Decrease With Time
Solar Collector Dry Weight From 35 kg to 100kg Thermodynamic Solar Panel Weighs Only 8kg = Easier to Transport and Install
Must be Installed South Facing With a Specific Tilt Angle May be installed souts, east or west, on a roof or Façade, Horizontal to vertical
Large Area Required to Install the Collectors Less Area of Collectors Required

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Water Heaters


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